Avoid crime. Avoid stupidity


I am a regular traveler of the Delhi Metro. Besides being fast and convenient, it is also the safest mode of transport at any point of time specially for somebody like me, who tends to travel late at night after work.

So while my love for the metro is unbound, I had a strange incident night before which kind of made me question some of the rules it has recently come up with. To put it simply, they are downright STUPID.

Thursday night, 10.15 p.m: After having ONE glass of wine, I got onto the station knowing I would be home in twenty minutes. But I was up for a big surprise (read shock). While frisking me, the lady police officer smelled that sula white wine on me and asked me to step aside. Then in an extremely polite tone, she asked me to leave the station as I was under the influence of alcohol. Umm, I thought maybe I did not hear it right so I asked her to repeat what she had said. Damn, she said the same thing again. Suddenly whatever little effect that wine had one me had disappeared as I tried to understand the reasoning behind this crazy decision. I had a series of questions for her and some of the other senior cops who joined her in this battle of principle and basic civil rights

Me: What is the issue?
Them: you have had alcohol

Me: So, its one glass. I am standing in front of you talking sanely, aren’t i?
Them: yeah

Me: So what’s the problem?
Them: you have had alcohol (WTF)

me- What is the permissible limit for the metro?
them- There isnt any.

me- Then why are you stopping me?
them- Because you are smelling of alcohol

Me- Yes of course I had a glass of wine. So why cant I board the train? Its not that I am offering to take the driver’s seat (I was in enough senses to do that as well, mind you)
them- No ma’am, it does not matter. You cannot board the train. You have had alcohol.

me- So you think I am a danger to fellow passengers?
them- no

Me- Then why can’t i board the train?
them- Because rules are rules

Me- Who made these rules?
them- Delhi govt (I knew it!)

Me- So how I am suppose to go home at this time of the night?
Them- Take a cab, bus or an auto (What!!!!)

Me- And I would be safe in that?
Them- Maybe, maybe not

me- What?
them- What?

me- Are you sure about what you are saying because it is not making any sense
them- yes it does not. But then anything happens to you, we would lose our jobs so we cannot let you (now it made a bit of sense)

So after trying to reason it out with some really insistent set of cops, I decided to leave the station and got home somehow.

But this incident has not left my mind. Purely because it defies any logic whatsoever. While i understand that everyone is trying to make the city safe, this one crossed all lines of stupidity. Why in the world would you stop people from boarding the metro (which probably is the safest mode of transportation in the country and ask them to figure an alternate when they have had alcohol.

In fact shouldn’t they be encouraging people to take the metro if drunk and have enough security to ensure nobody misbehaves with anyone? Who makes these rules and whose consent is taken while making these rules? Who gives them the right to deny people the right to board public transport built by public money?

Who decides to try and make the city secure while being extremely stupid?


I wrote my first blog when I was in my late 20s. I named it jazzyruch. I think I kept it instantly, like in a snap. Not sure why I did that because it kind of makes me cringe now. But back then, I think I prided myself of being called jazzy. I thought it was cool to be known with a name like that. Imagine! I wrote all kinds of stuff in that blog. Stuff any 27 something would feel strongly about. Doesn’t matter how amateurish the writing was. It felt real. Also i didn’t care much since I hardly had anyone reading them. So the pressure of  playing to the gallery didn’t exist. And pretty much nothing has changed even now, when I start this new blog. Only exception being that this time, it took me 5 mins to decide on the name. 

So this is what it is. If 10 years down the line, I don’t like what I would read of this blog and the name I have kept of it, it wouldn’t really matter. I would just cringe.